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Asbestos removal

Available across Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and the surrounding counties, at Evans Asbestos our asbestos removal service is quick, safe and competitive. Call for a free quote or to arrange a survey.

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What is asbestos?

Asbestos is resistant to heat, electricity and corrosion, which is why it was used in a wide range of construction materials and can still be found in older properties. If you suspect that you might have asbestos in your property, the best thing to do is to keep away from it and arrange a survey.
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Our asbestos removal company in Dorset offers:



Asbestos is a mineral, so must be disposed of properly. As a licensed hazardous waste carrier, we can deal with disposal throughout Ferndown, Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, and the surrounding counties



If the asbestos is stable, we can use a range of resins and coatings to encapsulate it



We provide management surveys, refurbishment/demolition surveys and re-inspection surveys. All surveying is completed by P402 accredited surveyors.

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Arranging asbestos removal

Asbestos fibres are extremely hazardous, so it’s important that you get in touch before you begin any building work so that everyone stays safe. Our team can quickly arrange analysis and safely remove both bonded and fibrous asbestos across Dorset and Somerset. We’re licensed waste carriers which means that everything will be disposed of in line with the latest regulations.

The most reliable way to remove asbestos

Contact Evans Asbestos in Dorset for a free quote.
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